Caravan, Camping, Bushcrft and Scouting

Purchased a 1983 Eccles Topas so that we could take a few short breaks.  This was bought for a bargin price but what we have saved on the purchase of the caravan, I can safely say that we have spent on extra bits on the project.  Also enjoy Campiing and Bushcrafting, just getting out with basic kit and enjoying the woods etc.  This year have also started to help out with the local Cub Scout group and have applied to be a assitant Leader.


Computer Games

So far as computer games go, and I do have plenty, the two main games that I play with most of the time are Guild wars and Battlefield 2.  Would love to say that I get paid for playing these games by the hour, because if I did then I would be able to give up full time work.


CB Radio / Ham Radio

Well this hobbie started with me having a retro moment on ebay and remembering days of yester year with days spent in the truck with my Dad on summer holidays.  Had the cash and said why not.  This as it turns out was to be a good idea, as it has saved me many an hour on the road when fellow cbers have given road traffic reports.  Apart from that it is good fun chatting over the air waves.  Past my Ham radio ticket in November 2007.  Now known as M0ZAV on the ham bands.  






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